Robert Quine

The late and truly great Robert Quine, shot at Massey Hall in probably 1983. I think this may have been the tour for Lou Reed’s Legendary Hearts album.

Robert Quine

Robert Quine

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Dead Boys at the Crash’n’Burn 1977

Dead Boys

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Limited Edition with 7″ vinyl is sold out

Until I figure out how to change the order page graphic, please note that there are no more copies of the limited edition book with 7″ single. Regular edition is still available. Contact me if you are in Toronto area to save on egregious postage. Photo of Diodes and DP by John Rowlands.

Diodes at Shock Theatre

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Nardwuar vs Don Pyle

Nardwaur the Human Serviette talks with me about my photos and Out-of-Focus Talking Slideshow.

Listen here.

Randy Rampage, D.O.A., The Edge, Toronto, 1978

Randy Rampage D.O.A

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OUT-OF-FOCUS TALKING SLIDESHOW and photo exhibit in Calgary – Thurs Oct 9


The Library of The Nite Owl
213 10th Ave SW

Don Pyle’s Out-of-Focus Talking Slideshow Thurs Oct 9 7:00 pm

Special added attraction! The Von Zippers and Fist City Fri Oct 10 10:00 pm
with guest DJ Floorclearer Don Pyle

I’ll to be glad to see so many Calgary friends when I come to The Library at The Nite Owl to do my Out-of-Focus Talking Slideshow. Photographs, primarily from 1976 to 1980 with a smattering of contemporary images, will be on display. The talk will happen at 8:00 pm on Thurs Oct 9. The following night, Fri Oct 10, features an excellent double-dipping with The Von Zippers and Fist City appearing live, and DJ Floorclearer Don Pyle playing records. The Nite Owl is on that side of the tracks at 213 10th Ave. S.W.

Calgary has been a significant place for me, being the home and city where I met future co-Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet bandmates and where we played our first show in 18 years a couple years back.

In my Out-of-Focus Talking Slideshow, I give a guided tour through photographs from my book Trouble In The Camera Club and more, looking at details in the background, things going on outside the frame and blurry asides.

Photographs, books and postcards will be on sale.
Trouble In The Camera Club is published by ECW Press and features 300 photographs, over 200 period graphics, essays by DP and introduction by Viletones vocalist Steven Leckie. Full colour, 8 x 10.

Don Pyle at Nite Owl in Calgary

In 1977, I bought my first 35mm camera, just in time for the golden-moment birth and ensuing melee of what is commonly referred to as punk, in Toronto, capturing the earliest gigs of local bands, primarily from 1977-79, including the Viletones, The Diodes, The Dishes, The Curse, Teenage Head and visiting ambassadors Iggy Pop, Ramones, The Clash, D.O.A. and more.

The camera gave a shy 15-year old — wary of getting busted and thrown out — a reason to be in the front lines. Luckily, the Crash’n’Burn, Hotel Isabella, the Horseshoe, David’s back-alley gay disco and other dives turned a blind eye to the underage. Hidden behind my camera, observing yet unseen, I witnessed the birth of the revolution.

I joined my high school’s camera club to learn how to print, develop and to get free chemicals. At the time I could only afford to make contact sheets and a very limited number of prints. Thirty years later, I scanned my negatives and saw what I had for the first time. Images were restored as much as possible, revealing the hidden beauty behind the poor exposures and the scratched, dusty and watermarked negatives. Many of these photographs were shown publicly for the first time at The Beaver, in Toronto, in Spring 2007.

This eventually resulted in the publication of my first book, Trouble In The Camera Club, published by ECW Press.

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